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New Wave of Hamburgers Hits Chicago

In a city known for pizza and hotdogs, it is important to not overlook the classic hamburger. Chicago is home to some of the best hamburgers in the country, serving all types of hamburger lovers. The city's favorite hamburger spots everyone can agree on, but what about the new wave of hamburgers that have hit the city? Arbella: Known for their rib blended Frenchman burger, enjoy a hamburger in their hip, lofty lounge right in the heart of Chicago. Don't forget to add crispy shallots and béarnaise sauce to the delectable burger! Bad Hunter: This vegetarian spot may seem like an unusual suspect for a quality burger, but behold the meatless hamburger.…
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Hamburgers increases Alzheimer’s risk?

I know this site is devoted to the love of all things hamburgers but I saw this article on the red meat/Alzheimer's connection showing an increasing risk.  The reason was that red-meats like hamburger is packed with iron and the research shows that the build up of iron in the brain could be the cause.  This led me to do some more digging and I found that Alzheimer's is the leading case for people needing long term care in say nursing homes. To stay at one of those nasty nursing home in the US, it costs about $70,000 per year.  Where is in the heck will the average person get…
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The Best Hamburgers in Chicago: Our List!

Food lovers of all ages are sure to have a grand time in Chicago where all the tastiest and most delectable burgers can be found. Your favorite burgers all served up with one or two patties, fancy toppings and fries on the side are ready to fill you up at various joints around the place. Choices are brimming so you might need some time to take it all in. Here is a list of the places where you can find the best hamburgers in Chicago. AU CHEVAL Their patties are served on a toasted bun and topped with cheese, pickles and dijonnaise. Their burgers come with egg-topped fries on the…
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